It was a Calling.

After three years of hard work, now we are excited to share a brief story of the path and series of events that led to the birth of the EXXEO piano.



EXXEO Piano materialized as the result of the synergy between visionary Designers and talented Engineers. The concept was born in 2015, when we met to discuss the wild dream of creating the most beautiful modern piano in the world. Turns out everyone was frustrated by the fact that static table-like form of traditional pianos, simply didn't fit into contemporary living environments. We believed that piano is an obvious part of modern living and should be designed to reflect that fact.

Our mission was simple, creating the perfect piano for the contemporary interior spaces. It had to sound great, look amazing, and yet seamlessly blend into different interior vibes.



Piano is a unique product with a soul. So we had to redefine the aesthetics in a way that represent it's unique character.

Design process began with an extensive research to discover how great music can inspire great design. Our little exploration journey started from analyzing music and surprisingly ended up in sound waves, frequencies and subatomic particles!

Initial concepts developed based on the understanding that Everything in Existence is the result of a Frequency. Sound is the basis of Shape and Form. We were fascinated by harmonic fluence of the sound waves.


We have tried to find the best proportions working on few scale models, one full-scale model, as well as hundreds of drawings and dozens of 3D models never leaving the original idea of breath taking presence and timeless elegance.



EXXEO piano is made out of hundreds of components. Ultimately everything had to come together as if it's a sculpture, embodying the three dimensional fusion of sound waves.


Innovation Squad.


Key People

Creating a new breed of piano from scratch, requires creativity, patience and passion that we share among our fantastic team and with the most competent partners in all sectors.


iMAN Maghsoudi

Dreamer / Designer. He has been Internationally recognized and awarded for his uncompromised Futuristic approach in transportation, interior and product design. He is responsible for the concept development of EXXEO products.


Pierre Julia

He has been in the piano business for over 30 years, working for and managing piano companies. His in depth knowledge of instruments from Italy, Japan, Estonia, France, Germany and USA paved the way for achieving the superior sound quality of EXXEO piano.


Mina Eshghipour

A trend expert, Fourteen years of experience in CMF design. She is responsible for the research and development of the ambiances, materials, and colors designed for the EXXEO products.


Wen Chen

Decade of experience in business development, makes her the key member of our team in nurturing client relationships, and creating memorable experiences for our esteemed clients.


Samuel Chuffart

Former chief designer at world–renowned Stille BERTONE, contributed his priceless wisdom and leadership to the project in order to create and launch a world-class designer brand.


Andre Frey

Design manager and former designer at Mercedes Benz, that has worked on projects like Private Jet interiors and ultra luxury Maybach cars. He shared his twenty plus years of experience with the team, to achieve the levels of perfection expected from a high-end product.


Cedric D’Andre

Former GM designer who has the ultra-luxury Cadillac Sixteen Concept in his resume, devoted his extensive international experience into managing the suppliers and assembly process in California.



Siavash Jafari , Sonia Lui , Behzad Taheri , Siamak Ziba and Rakoob Studio.