Avant-Garde Angelinos


Avant-Garde Angelinos

EXXEO is a team of Out of the Box thinkers located in Los Angeles, California. As a California based company, we are blessed to be at the heart of a progressive culture that always thinks ahead, and sets the trends in Technology and Fashion.


In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe the world needs more WOW factor. Therefore we deliberately ignore rational expectations in favor of a more radical and artistic approach. EXXEO team have filed numerous design patents and have won several prestigious design awards over the years.

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Exploring the unknown is not an easy task. Not everyone appreciates the challenges of becoming a pioneer. But the ones who do, will eventually shape the future. EXXEO is exclusively created for those who share the same vision, and Forward Thinking mentality.


We are in the business of providing an Alternative, a peek into other Realities.
— iMAN

EXXEO is all about Out of the Box Thinking, which often translates into Bold and Exotic Design. We don't appreciate “good enough”, it’s either impressive or boring, there is no in-between!

The first fruit of this philosophy is a meticulously crafted piano with unique performance and presence. It' is the first of it's kind in the world, and the first of a wide range of EXXEO products that are going to be introduced next year.


Building an object as complex and full of state of the art solutions such as the EXXEO piano, not only takes brilliant minds, but real artists. We are proud to have technology leaders among our partners; redefining the limits, finding new solutions, processes and technologies. Our suppliers produce low volumes of incredibly high quality components exclusively for EXXEO to sculpt it's masterpieces.

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Frequency to Form.


The Story.