Definition of Avant-Garde

We took a giant leap forward in hybrid piano design and technology, breaking free from traditional forms and sounds. Significant amount of our team’s effort has been invested into redefining the piano concept for contemporary environments and modern applications. This breakthrough is made possible through adopting state of the art technologies, materials and production methods from automotive and aerospace industries.

Hand Crafted, One of a kind

We are masters of design and technology, but we also believe art and human touch are among the rarest commodities of the 21st century.

Each Eclipse is unique, no two will be the same. Each and every EXXEO is being painstakingly built by a select group of artisans to the highest possible standards. The manufacturing and assembly of an ECLIPSE Piano is an incredibly labor intensive processes, from the carefully laid-up carbon fiber to the hand-stitched leather.

Works of Art make rules, rules do not make works of Art.
— Cluade Debussy